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SolivitaSales.com can help you with Solivita Real Estate sales and
leasing of both New and Resale homes.  

Solivita is one of the best active adult over 55 communities in the country.
Solivita is a secured gated community in Central Florida just 20 miles
from Walt Disney World, true Florida retirement at its best.
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SolivitaSales.com will work hard on selling your property as quickly as
possible for the most amount of money that today’s  market will bring.
There is no need to waste money and time on promoting over priced
property. Are you more interested in selling your home as quickly as
possible or do you want to waste the time it will take for the real estate
market to catch up with your overpriced home..... In today's market it may
not ever catch up. Remember every extra month that it takes to sell your
home is more interest payments, more property taxes, more association
fees, more HOA fees, more CDD fees and general upkeep. It will cost
you thousands of dollars not having your home priced correct for todays

SolivitaSales.com will keep daily tabs on the current market, watch for
new listings, and separate the good ones from the fantastic ones.
SolivitaSales.com will suggest and advise you on the current prices and
find homes that are priced for todays market.
At SolivitaSales.com, we help you decide if you want a new ( not yet built )
or new (completed never lived in) or pre owned home, that has been lived
in. Did you know that you can save over $50,000 to $75,000 on an
existing NEW Home over not yet built new home. But if you would like to
build a new home from the ground up, SolivitaSales.com can help you
with that too.
Also, we can help you get the best mortgage possible through our
exclusive preferred lender,
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