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So you’ve got a new house – congratulations! There’s just one problem…
It’s not quite your style. But with all the money you just dropped on closing and moving and
new furniture, you don’t have a lot of cash to spruce it up.
Or, maybe you’re just about to sell your house and you wish you could spruce it up a bit
before putting it on the market, but you don’t want to spend a ton.
Basically, you need a lot of look for not a lot of dough, right?
Don’t worry! These quick and usually DIY upgrades will make your home look and feel like
a million bucks (for just a tiny chunk of change).
Over the next few weeks we will go over:

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Style…
Without Breaking The Bank

Upgrade #1
April 28, 2020
Remove The 90’s Ducks
Maybe your home doesn’t have literal country blue ducks all over the kitchen, but if you
have an older home, chances are good there’s some equally cheesy decor hanging around.
Just taking out the cheesy badness of decades past — by removing the wallpaper or covering
up the hokey paint — will make your home look and feel much fresher.

Upgrade #2
May 4, 2020
Get Rid of Grime
Take a close look at the surfaces that often get ignored. Places like the base molding and
window sills often have a layer of grime that needs to be removed or even repainted. Get
your elbow grease on and try a Magic Eraser on these surfaces. If that doesn’t work, fresh
caulk and a new coat of bright white paint will go SO FAR to making your place look bright
and clean again.

Upgrade #3
May 12, 2020
A new coat of a light, neutral paint will make any room look and feel invigorated. Not sure
what to choose? Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige works just about anywhere if you like
neutrals. Not into beige? That’s ok. Agreeable Gray is a great cooler neutral, and Alabaster is
the perfect white-but-not-TOO-white.

Upgrade #4
May 18, 2020
Highlight One Wall
If you’re already working with a neutral palette, you can add in some personality and pizazz.
Add an accent wall in a fun spot like your breakfast nook or powder bath and really go all
out. You can use wall stickers or removable wallpaper for a low commitment look, or go
simple and slap on the paint. Just this one simple addition will make you smile whenever you
walk in the room.

Upgrade #5
May 26, 2020
Add Art
Adding art to your home is a great way to add style. But not just any art…
Add some large scale art that you LOVE.
What does large scale mean? Well, think of the biggest piece you have, and then find
something bigger. If you LOVE it, it belongs on the wall, and a big piece will set the tone for
an entire room. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. You can get great pieces at Living
Spaces or IKEA for around $100.
Want to spend a little more? Scroll around Instagram. You can find fantastic original art
there AND you’ll be supporting small business owners. Win / Win.

Upgrade #6
June 1, 2020
Show The Ones You Love
When you’re moving into a new place, it can be a little unsettling. Nothing will bring a sense
of home like the faces of your loved ones. You can add professional portraits if you like, or
you can share your happy memories of more candid moments in a big ol’ grid like the one
below. Again, this doesn’t have to break the bank. Mixtiles will ship you ready to hang
photos for $12 apiece (sometimes even less)! Best of all, these babies don’t damage your
walls, and they can be moved again and again.

Upgrade #7
June 8, 2020
Change Out The Faucets
Now that we’ve fully addressed the walls, let’s turn our attention to other areas. Those
“crystal” faucets? They’ve got to go.
Luckily, replacing them is a pretty easy project AND you can get some much better looking
alternatives at your local Home Depot. This super simple faucet is a huge upgrade… and it’s
less than fifty bucks! Watch a couple of YouTube videos, break out the wrenches, and kiss
those acrylic cheapies goodbye.

Upgrade #8
June 15, 2020
Swap Out Light Fixtures
Now we’re getting a little more technical. If you don’t have a ton of knowledge in this area,
you might want to bring in a pro. Don’t worry, though. You can find an electrician who will
give you a reasonable rate for this task, and if you’ve got a couple lights to replace, they can
help you with all of them at once.  No matter who does the installation, you can find great
looking lights to replace the brass builder basics. This alone will make a huge transformation
in your space!

Upgrade #9
June 22, 2020
Change Your Light Switches, Too.
While you’ve got the electrician there… (or if you’ve decided you can DIY), change out
your switches and outlet covers.  There are so many options nowadays; there’s no reason to
have yellowed, cracked switches. Also, the sky’s the limit on this. You can stick with simple
new plates or you can add dimmer switches or switches with smart features.

Upgrade #10
June 29, 2020
Bring The Outdoors IN!
Adding plants brings a vibrant, happy energy to any room, and they can be super cheap, too.
So, head on down to your local nursery and stock up on succulents and shade lovers.

There you have it — some great ways to spruce up a house on the cheap. Which one will
you try first? Fair warning: Once you get started, it’s kind of addictive. You might wind up
the next Bob Vila yet.


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