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While real estate agents are busy helping buyers and sellers navigate the often-rocky terrain of the real estate world, we put
dozens of important skills to the test. Possessing an uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of others, we’re also pros at the art
of negotiation, often diffusing potential problems before they begin. And let’s not forget our tireless support, which keeps
clients feeling secure every step of the way and helps them achieve their life goals.
These strengths prove invaluable when it comes to another vocation: parenting. Caring for young children is one of the toughest
jobs in the world — not unlike being a real estate agent.  While both often feel like relatively thankless gigs, it’s good to know
the skill-set is virtually interchangeable and, oh so important!
Over the next few weeks we will cover: The 11 reasons real estate agents make great parents.

Reason #1
February 5, 2018
We can handle anything.

When a seemingly straightforward home inspection turns up something horrific like asbestos or pipes held together by duct
tape, agents are ready to guide buyers and sellers through to the other side. This is great practice for those future calls from the
school nurse who says your kindergartner has head lice or just broke an arm at recess. Agents, and parents, have to be on their
toes at all times for whatever comes their way!

Reason #2
February 12, 2018
We can function on very little sleep.

Preparing contracts and readying for a weekend full of open houses and showings is a recipe for exhaustion. While it’s not
easy, the ability to keep many balls in the air simultaneously is key when you’re a mom or dad — especially because you’ll be
doing it all on very few hours of sleep.

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