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You probably know a real estate agent or two. Are you constantly thinking about them?
Are you constantly on the lookout for people you can refer to them, who are buying, selling, or renting real estate?
Are you keeping your ears peeled to hear even the slightest hint of someone making a move?
You’re probably not.
But the real estate agents you know wish you were. Not everyone is a “connector”
Some people are natural “connectors”, and are always ready to recommend this person or that person to someone looking for some sort of
help.  But many people are not. It’s not like most people are walking around thinking about a real estate agent’s business and needs 24/7.
Most people are busy enough with their own days and lives. It isn’t like you wouldn’t recommend an agent…if the moment came up. It just
isn’t the first thing on your mind.  After all, what’s in it for you? (W.I.I.F.Y as it is often referred to…)
It’s totally human and OK to feel that way.
And, given real agents can’t legally compensate you what is in it for you?
Why should you refer an agent?
Over the next few weeks we will discuss Four reasons why you should refer a Real Estate Agent.

Reason #1
August 6, 2018
To look out for your friends, family, and acquaintances

There’s a lot of real estate agents in the field. But not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others.
So, when you know a good real estate agent, make sure to refer your friends, family, and anyone you meet, to that agent.
You’ll save the people you know a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

Reason #2
August 13, 2018
To look out for yourself

It’s hard to understand this until you’ve done it (so just try it and see for yourself), but people really do appreciate a person who hooks
them up with a great real estate agent. Referring a great agent to someone simply makes you look good. It makes you look smart, and in the
know. It makes you seem “connected” and hooked up with someone that your friends and family will feel fortunate to have been hooked up
with. Who doesn’t like to look good in the eyes of their friends, family, and peers?

Reason #3
August 20, 2018
To look out for the real estate agent

Real estate is a tough business to succeed in. There’s only so much business to go around, and there’s always a whole lot of agents trying
to get enough business to survive, let alone thrive.
Sure, it’s on the agent to prospect, market, and dig up enough business on their own.
But, a huge part of doing that needs to come from people referring them. So, they are probably reaching out to you and reminding you that
they are in the business and there for you (and anyone you know) when you buy, sell, or rent real estate.
They aren’t trying to be a pest. They are trying to survive. And ideally, thrive.
Help the agent you know. They want and need it.

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