Now is the very best time to buy in Solivita!!!!

WOW!!! The prices on the resales here at Solivita have even gotten better, do you know that right
now you can buy a never been lived in home on the water for around $130k...that's about $50k less
than what it sold for 4 years ago. It won't get better than this!!! Here's another example,  an
executive home w/ pool and 3 car garage with all kinds of upgrades that sold 4 years ago for over
$600k  right now can be purchased for around $350k. You, won't get these kinds of deals from the
"never been sold" Inventory homes these deals are on the Resale side. That's where we can help...
We are very experienced with Short Sales, Bank Owned and Foreclosures. We know how to get
you the very best deal that can be made. Not only with the pricing of the homes but on the financing
too.  We can help you obtain a 95% loan with approved credit.

For the clients from Canada and overseas, use your stronger currency to buy in the US market .
You're really missing the boat by waiting any longer. And Yes, we can even help you get financing
as a foreign national.

If you have ever thought of upgrading your home in Solivita,   NOW IS ALSO THE TIME!!!

On the other side of the coin....
if you don't need to sell your home.... stay out of the
market and wait.
 Here are the facts:  Available Homes for Sale are at an all time high.  This is
not necessarily a bad thing, unless you absolutely HAVE TO SELL YOUR HOUSE.  From our
perspective, our industry has much more listings than normal, we still are selling homes and new
customers and clients are buying here in Solivita but the vast amount of inventory of homes is so
large it is overwhelming the normal " supply and demand". This brings down the price, it also
brings out the smart buyers and the re-investors, purchasing at great values. There is always in
every market great values,  but not at the supply rate  that is currently happening.

A typical RE market averages around 5% per year appreciation rate. This by itself is fantastic when
you consider the fabulous tax advantages that our government allows for RE ownership. However,
for the years 2003 to 2005 (and some of 2006), we saw extraordinary gains in excess of 20% per
year, THESE DAYS ARE OVER !!!  If you were fortunate enough to have brilliant timing and sold at the
top of the market, you could have enjoyed that level of appreciation. Sorry to tell you, these days
are gone, we really enjoyed while they were here. Now it's back to reality.

So now here you are in the present. And some sellers expect that their house should be worth
what they paid for it 3 - 4 years ago. So, rightfully so, you ask over market price and expect to get it.
Heck, even your agent tells you that you can get it just to get the listing. ( That's one of my pet
peeves and a whole new article! )

What many people failed to notice ( except the buyers) is that
the wave has passed.  
However, it's still a good ride.
 If you bought in 2003 to 2005 you may have to take a lost but
remember that when you purchase another house maybe one that you couldn't afford 3 or 4 years
ago at todays price you are in a Win Win situation, yes you may loose some on your sale but you
will more than make up for it when you buy today.....

So like I said at the beginning of this article,
If you must sell, jump into the market with both feet, study the market and heed its advise.

In a nutshell, if you need to sell or wish to purchase a home here in Solivita, get serious call us for
our help Let's discuss your unique situation and go over all the options.
Let us help you understand the market and decide where your price should be and if you don't
need to sell, STAY PUT, and enjoy all the benefits of living here in Solivita. Have you noticed, it keeps
getting better all the time?
Now is the best time to buy!!!